Vedic Astrology Mantra Ritual & Reading


Vedic Astrology Mantra Ritual & Reading


Vedic Astrology and mantra changed the way Deborah saw herself and how she related to the world. This system better reflects how to deal with this current incarnation in everyday life. Your Vedic sign may be different from your Western sign! The ancient Vedic system follows the planets and stars above, which change constantly. Deborah has discovered that Western astrology is off by 24 degrees! Even though we do not have any records of Norse astrology, Deborah believes the Vedic practice that comes from the Indo-European cousins of Western Europe is the closest we can come to what would have been a Norse understanding of astrology . The gods are similar in many aspects. Your sign in the Vedic system is most likely different than your Western astrology sign. Fewer people are born along with you in the Vedic system, unlike being grouped with millions of other people born in your same sign in the Western astrology system. In addition, we each have specific deities that want to work with us that require ritual and mantra. In this reading you will receive a synopsis of your planet placements, along with a specific ritual and mantra meant just for you according to your astrological placement at the time of your birth. See below list of what is included in your reading that will be emailed to you in a PDF format.

Here’s what you will get in your 9 page reading:

  • Your Vedic Main Sign

  • Your Vedic Moon Sign

  • Your Vedic Sun Sign

  • The Planet guiding you through your life lesson and what that lesson is

  • Planet guiding your spiritual liberation

  • Planet guiding your actions and path in life

  • Planet guiding your material security

  • How to present yourself to the world for success

  • Your good luck stone

  • Your good luck herbs

  • Your good luck colors

  • Lifestyle advice to increase your success

  • Your spiritual name seed sound

  • A personal mantra to empower you on your path

  • A personal ritual to connect you to your specific deity

  • A video explaining and demonstrating ritual, Debora’s favorite tools(with links), and instructions on how to pronounce mantra.

That’s a lot! That’s why Deborah LOVES Vedic astrology. It’s packed full of advice to assist you through this life! Your birth date, EXACT time of birth, and city of birth is required for this reading. ***CURRENT LEAD TIME IS 1 WEEK***

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