Vedic Mantra Ritual For Unknown Birth Times


Vedic Mantra Ritual For Unknown Birth Times


This is for those of you who do not know your exact time of birth for the Vedic Astrology Reading but would like to receive a mantra and conduct a ritual. With this purchase, you will receive a pdf version of a mantra and ritual, along with a link to a video explaining the process in detail, along with Deborah personally showing you how to do speak the mantra and conduct the ritual. You will also receive the following:

The name of the deity you will be connecting with

A mantra to connect with this deity

A list of supplies needed for the ritual

A detailed explanation of how to conduct the ritual that includes what direction to face and what offering to give

A video of Deborah performing the mantra and ritual, along with her giving a detailed explanation of the process

A list of Deborah’s favorite tools with their corresponding links

Other helpful tips!

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