Deborah’s Story

As a child, Deborah saw people and objects in the world as colors and symbols. She especially loved playing in nature... disappearing for hours. Other than being the "peculiar" middle daughter of three girls, she lived a fairly normal life. Although her awakening started in 2004, there was an event that occurred in 2009 that changed her life forever. She calls it her death experience. Deborah was initiated in 2009 as a Völva, also know as a Staff Carrier. These women were known as female Shamans/Seeresses in the ancient Germanic tribes of Europe. You can listen to her initiation story HERE. Deborah also holds the New Human template and upgraded chakra system. All humans will eventually evolve to carry this chakra system. She is also part of the second wave of “Volunteers” sent to assist in our current period of evolution. For years she kept it all hidden, pretending that she was "normal". But at a certain point, she realized that it was no longer possible for her to deny her destiny. Deborah is confident that the knowledge and abilities she has unlocked can help others.

She believes that humanity is returning to an animist culture, working in cooperation with the Earth and all its beings. If you are human, your ancestors practiced animism. We may belong to different clans now, but we are all from one tribe.

She offers counseling for people experiencing a spiritual awakening. The process of awakening comes with many questions and requires support. Deborah has been through it, and continues the journey, helping others along the way.

Deborah's Services

Counseling- Deborah empowers you to awaken yourself.  Her one-on-one counseling helps you to discover who you truly are. You have all you need inside of you. Deborah simply helps you remember what you have forgotten and will guide you back to yourself. Spiritual awakening requires support, and Deborah has the tools to help guide you through it.

She also offers career counseling. We were all born with a plan…a destiny, which includes our career. When we aren’t following our soul’s plan for this life, we become depressed and ill. Deborah has a technique that can help you find out what you were meant to do as a career in this current incarnation.

Galdr & Incubation- This is Deborah’s favorite practice. Galdr(also known as “Light Language”) is a sacred Shamanic language that bypasses the intellect and speaks directly to the cells of your body. This magical speech loosens your “knots”, releasing power, knowledge, or any imprinted states that may be blocking doorways into deeper states of consciousness. This ancient technique is EXTREMELY powerful and healing. Your life will start to shift and change with consistent listening to this language. Incubation is the ancient technique of going into trance and connecting with life force energy and also connecting with your guides. This is for the serious student, as your unconscious issues will also boil to the surface!

Divination- Deborah uses Runes, Tarot, and Oracles for divination. Her favorite method is using the Elder Futhark Runes, which have been used since ancient times by the Germanic Tribes of Europe. They contain 24 symbols that Deborah casts in a ceremony, interpreting them in relation to your question. The Runes were, and are a sacred tool of the Norse Tradition for seeing deeper into an issue, receiving guidance and a possible outcome to a situation.

Vedic Astrology- Deborah discovered the power of Vedic Astrology along her journey. She found it more precise than Western Astrology(which is off by 24 degrees!). Vedic follows the stars and planets as primary guides. Your sign may be completely different in the Vedic system! The Sun stays in a sign for 30 days,but the sky above our heads changes constantly. Western is more general, Vedic is precise. Vedic astrology changed the way Deborah deals with life and how she presents herself. It provided her so much more information, helping to guide her through this life. Check out what exactly what you get in a reading under the “Services” tab.

Deborah continuously add various services. Click on the “Services” tab to see more!